We have the very best patients, we dare you try and find better! We are so lucky to be able to share some of their kind words and personal experiences with you. We know how important a decision this is and we are proud to be able to be a part of your and their experiences.

"I chose Dr. Gallagher because she was local. I ended up being blown away by my entire experience with her and the staff. I couldn't be happier with my results or the care I've received. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Gallagher."

"Thank you for being so kind, caring, and compassionate before, during, and after surgery! It meant everything to me."

"Thank you so much for being a big step in my life. By that I mean, you've helped me reach a sense of freedom. Every time I look in the mirror now, I smile instead of frown. I feel so much more confident in myself now. What you and your team did for me is beyond words that I cannot express on paper. You all have helped me so much and continue to help me. I just wanted to write this thank you note and give a special thanks to Dr. Gallagher, Nicole, and all the staff and nurses that made this all possible and helped me out every step of the way. You all should be very proud of yourselves because you've made me a very happy man. I love the results and thank you again for helping me achieve my freedom."

"Dr. Gallagher was so caring when we first came to see her. When my surgery date finally came, I was at ease that she would do a great job. She did the best job I have ever seen! It's only been a little over a month now and my scar is already starting to fade. I would recommend her for anyone considering this surgery."

"I had been trying to gain the funds to afford top surgery long before coming across Dr. Gallagher. Nicole worked very hard to ensure I was covered through insurance so I could have my surgery; something a lot of surgeons and their teams do not do. Dr Gallagher was very professional and respectful throughout the whole process. I am very happy with my results, and I am very thankful for Dr. Gallagher and her team for my new found freedom. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Gallagher and her team to any of my trans brothers."

"Dr. Gallagher has been nothing short of a miracle for me."

"... I am a FTM (Female to Male). I identify myself as a Transman. A crucial part in transitioning for me was my physical appearance. After all, people "know" just by how you look. After I began HRT, my masculine attributes were very strong. However, my breasts made me feel otherwise. I have tried many of times over to get them removed. Due to finances, I was unsuccessful. I moved to Indiana and immediately started my search for trans friendly doctors and surgeons. I was given Dr. Gallagher's name by a Transgender center of health. Dr. Gallagher and her staff (Nicole) have been amazing. Nicole looking into my health insurance and found out that my top surgery was covered by my insurance. My employer had not even been aware. Dr. Gallagher and her staff went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and helped. Dr. Gallagher made me fell like the man I always knew I was. She performed my top surgery August 2016 and I have been so happy every since."

"I have had a great a great experience here at IU Health. The staff were very nice and helpful. It's been wonderful to be a patient of Dr. Gallagher. She has eased all the worries I had and has been incredible over all."