FTM Pumping

Posted: February 4, 2018

FTM Pumping

A question I am often asked by transgender men is whether or not pumping works. First of all what is pumping? Clitoral pumping is basically when you take the clitoral tissue which is already enlarged from testosterone and use some sort of suction device to further enlarge it. Does it work? The simple answer is yes! It most certainly can work!

Tissue expansion

This is something we are very familiar with in Plastic Surgery the principal of tissue expansion; we use it all the time for different reasons. Very simply tissue expansion is what happens when you apply a mechanical force or a stretch to tissue and it changes accordingly. To a lesser scale you can see this in action with ear gauges for example. Therefore pumping likely does work by the principle of tissue expansion.

However, how often to do it and what exact pressure or pump to use is not as yet known. This should really be answered by scientific studies and unfortunately there are none as yet. What we can certainly do is apply some common sense. If this is something you are going to do either preparing for a Metoidioplasty or simply enlarging the clitoris that is already there, here are some tips.

1.Go slowly.

2.Be gentle. If you are having ANY pain – back off – it’s too much.

  1. Be really careful as you do not want to cause skin damage there, these suction pumps can be pretty powerful. You do not want to cause an injury, which is key.

Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher
University Gender Affirmation Surgery

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